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I have twenty years of experience working as an editor, beginning with my first grown-up job as the editorial assistant at Lion's Roar, right out of university. Since then, I've been a columnist at EAT Magazine, a fiction reviewer at PRISM, managing editor of a youth magazine in Vancouver and a health publication in Whitehorse. Currently, I'm an assistant editor with Narrative Magazine, and an associate editor with the manuscript-editing company Darling Axe.

In addition to my career as an editor, I taught English for six years at Yukon University, have an MFA and a post-grad certificate in Creative Writing, as well as a BEd. (which comes in handy when I teach literary components to writers). 

I frequently participate in editing workshops and courses in order to continue evolving my capacity to help writers achieve their best work. I'd love to speak with you about editing your manuscript. 

"Katie has just edited my novel for me. It's my first novel so I was keen to work with an excellent editor who could also inspire and encourage. Katie over-delivered on all fronts. She edited my novel in a kind, compassionate but constructive manner, and all her feedback resonated with me.


She was able to identify many areas where I could improve the voice, the flow of the story, and the character evolution. And in all cases, she was able to provide practical ideas as to how I could work on each of these issues to create the best novel I can. She also wrote a feedback report on the novel to provide a balanced view and top-down feedback on where the structure could be improved - it's an inspiring piece of work that is written beautifully with wonderful wisdom throughout.


I'll be working with Katie on all my writing projects looking forward, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her incredible editing services."

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