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The polished Story

I edit across all genres, stages, and needs, offering custom services, coaching, and quick-turnaround short story edits. In short, I love editing all kinds of writing and value collaborating with writers to achieve their greatest pieces in a way that works best for them. 



Stellar writing is a result of excellent editing. I love the art of editing, I'm a total grammar geek, and enjoy mentoring writers through the steps of a project. I frequently participate in editing workshops and courses in order to continually evolve my capacity to help writers achieve their best work. Kind, honest, respectful communication and a love for superb writing is at the heart of my work. See what my clients have to say about working with me.


I have twenty years of experience working as an editor, beginning with my first grown-up job as the editorial assistant at Lion's Roar, right out of university. Since then, I've been the editorial assistant and a columnist at EAT Magazine, a fiction reviewer at PRISM, and managing editor of both a youth magazine in Vancouver and a health publication in Whitehorse.
Currently, I'm an assistant editor with Narrative Magazine, and an associate editor with the manuscript-editing company Darling Axe.

In addition to my career as a writer and editor, I taught English for six years at Yukon University, have an MFA and a post-grad certificate in Creative Writing, as well as a BEd. (which comes in handy when mentoring and coaching writers). Throughout my career, I have worked with all different kinds of writing and with writers at all stages. The common denominator has always been a commitment to respectful communication and excellent writing.

Notebook and Pen

"She saw things—themes, plots, and feelings—that I was too close to notice, and she helped me make them shine while maintaining my own unique voice and story."

"After years of writing fiction, I knew I needed a strong editor to guide me through the process of writing a memoir. I wanted someone who understood not only the mechanics of developing a great story, but also the personal nature of memoir. Katie Zdybel's developmental edits delivered on both. She saw things--themes, plots, and feelings--that I was too close to notice, and she helped me make them shine while maintaining my own unique voice and story."

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