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Orange Clouds

“I admire Katie Zdybel’s incisive, pared-down prose, her insights into womanhood, family, and friendships.” 
—Joyce Carol Oates

“This is the best collection of domestic short fiction, each phrase so aptly tuned to each emotion, that I have read since Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness.”
—Janet Somerville, author of Yours, for Probably Always: Martha Gellhorn’s Letters of Love and War 1930–1949 can experience Zdybel’s staggering range of style, and her relentless commitment to form, structure and restraint. I was deeply altered by the stories of Equipoise.
The Malahat Review

“I am absolutely glued to the book, and will be sorry when it ends. This is a book I picked up and couldn't put down until the very end, wanting to stay in those worlds which are so exquisitely woven.”

from GoodReads


A young woman forms her own idea of feminine sexuality while skinny-dipping with her best friend’s mother during a thunderstorm. A naive bride returns to her beloved Ontario farm country and, after an encounter with a young female beekeeper, suddenly sees her husband in a sobering new light. A middle-aged woman facing the devastating end of a friendship as well as her last chance at childbirth, flees North only to be confronted with the complexities of life in the Yukon. 

The characters of Equipoise struggle to find their positionality in life in relation to the women around them. They are contoured by their geographies, caught between North and South, East and West, childhood roots and adulthood home. They struggle to maintain a balance within the tension of opposing roles, landscapes, friendships, rivalries, victories, and catastrophes—always vigourously seeking equipoise.


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