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An interview with author Nathan Jarelle

I've been very fortunate to edit Nathan Jarelle's first novel, Beyond Poetry, and its sequel—releas

ed this week—Beyond Poetry: Above & Beyond. I love a lot about Jarelle's writing, but perhaps most of all, his characters. Here we discuss how Jarelle was able to continue to connect with his cast of characters from book one to book two, and what techniques he uses to develop authentic characterization. I hope you enjoy this conversation with the very talented Nathan Jarelle.

Indie Author Nathan Jarelle’s debut novel, Beyond Poetry, was a recommended read by Kirkus Reviews in 2021. Combining poetry, fiction, and urban dynamics from the 1990s, Jarelle’s street savvy title quickly gained strong readership across varying genres. His retro series will soon birth a sequel, Beyond Poetry: Above & Beyond which is set to release later this year.

Jarelle is a boxing enthusiast and worked as a sports columnist from 2005 to 2008. His passion for African American literature began during his tenure at Fairmont Heights High School where he first discovered his gift for writing. Today, he is an independent author, poet and first responder from the Washington, D.C. region. Learn more at


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